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Low Energy Safety Sensors for Swing Doors


Battery-free Wireless Switch

The Eco Friendly OPTEX ENERGY Switch is a push-plate series featuring Energy Harvesting Technology, combining the best features of wired and wireless switches.

Pro-Swing Elite T

Active Infrared Door-mounted Sensor for Swing Doors

The Pro-Swing Elite T features built-in monitoring capability designed to comply with the upcoming ANSI Standard change. It monitors all its critical functions and notifies compatible controllers when an error occurs, thus ensuring a higher level of performance over the life of the sensor. The Pro-Swing Elite T is designed to detect moving or stationary people in the swing path of automatic doors. Even when the door is in motion, the Elite T stays active, providing a full mat pattern of safety all of the time. The large detection pattern of the Elite T covers the entire swing path of the doors in full open and full closed position. This is the largest fully active swing door safety detection area available today. For single swing, dual egress, or simultaneous pair doors, the Pro-Swing Elite T from OPTEX is the perfect sensor for ensuring safety and reliability.

Pro-Swing Premier T

Header-mount Active Infrared Presence Sensor

The new OPTEX Pro-Swing Premier T features Full Open/Full Closed Swing Area detection and full open look-back through the threshold with BlueZone™ technology. This header-mounted sensor, which is compatible with all operators, also has Monitorin Capability for a higher level of performance over the life of the sensor.

OA-Edge T

Active Infrared Presence Sensor for Multiple Door Types

The OA-Edge series from OPTEX is a line of door-mounted presence sensors utilizing Infrared Triangulation Technology. This sensor system can be used for Low Energy and Full Power Swing Doors as well as revolving and folding doors. Unique LED indicator displays sensor status on the outside of the housing which improves feedback during set-up and use. Increase safety and reliability with the OA-Edge Series from OPTEX.

OS-12C T

Miniature Photo-Electric Safety Beam System

The OPTEX OS-12C T active infrared safety beam system is compatible with any type of automatic door. Its amplifier and sensor heads are designed for fast, simple installation while maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability. The OS-12C T has built-in monitoring capability to ensure a higher level of performance over the life of the sensor.