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X-Zone T

Combination Slide Door Sensor

The OPTEX X-Zone T Sensor is an Active Infrared and Microwave Combination Sensor designed for Sliding Doors. Its exclusive "BLUEZONE™" feature offers presence detection in the threshold when the door is in the open position. Having the ability to detect in the threshold dramatically increases the level of safety that can be achieved. This sensor is perfect for slide door applications where the balance between safety and performance is paramount. Keep them safe with the X-Zone T from OPTEX.

i-oneX T

Active Infrared Door Sensor

With its large motion and presence detection pattern, the OPTEX i-oneX T Active Infrared door sensor features a safety zone in the threshold and sidelights that are always on. The size and shape of the detection pattern can be easily adjusted to match almost any application. The i-oneX T is perfectly suited for almost any type of door or configuration. It can be set for unidirectional detection, which saves energy by allowing the door to close more quickly for departing traffic.

OA-Flex T

Active Infrared Door Sensor for Slide or Swing Doors

The OPTEX OA-Flex Door Sensor for Slide or Swing Doors features whole presence detection capability for more safety and reliability. The OA-Flex also features BlueZone™ technology and monitoring capability.

Air-Slide T

Active Infrared Door Sensor with Built-in Touchless Switch

For Knowing Act Slide Door applications, the Air-Slide T with BlueZone™ provides safety and convenience in one unit. The Air-Slide T Active Infrared Door Sensor includes a built-in Touchless Switch. When the door is closed, the sensor operates as a virtual door switch, activating the door only when someone approaches the door and presents a hand near the sticker. This eliminates unwanted activations due to cross traffic. When activated, the Air-Slide T provides safety throughout the threshold area keeping the door open until all people have moved away.

Reaction Two

Microwave Door Sensor

The OPTEX Reaction Two microwave sensor is specially designed to increase efficiency on opening all types of automatic doors. The OPTEX Reaction provides fast detection for all automatic door installations and particularly for applications with highspeed entries. The Reaction Two is the most flexible microwave activation sensor available today.

OA-Presence T

Active Infrared Presence Door Sensor

The OPTEX OA-Presence T is the best choice for an infrared door presence sensor in the market. This sensor is not only loved for its tasteful design but also because of the high level of safety due to the presence detection and the reliability under most extreme circumstances. The OPTEX OA-Presence T is simple to install. All the settings are mechanically adjustable with dipswitch and levers.


Flush-mounted Active Infrared Safety Sensor

The OPTEX Mirage is the optimal choice as an active infrared recessed mounted sensor. The sensor is designed to be installed in the header of the door operator or as a built in ceiling mount sensor. The OPTEX Mirage offers you both safety and activation on all types of automatic doors. It combines easy adjustable settings, providing maximum safety in a wide array of applications.

OS-12C T

Miniature Photo-Electric Safety Beam System

The OPTEX OS-12C T active infrared safety beam system is compatible with any type of automatic door. Its amplifier and sensor heads are designed for fast, simple installation while maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability. The OS-12C T has built-in monitoring capability to ensure a higher level of performance over the life of the sensor.


Flush-mounted Active Infrared Safety Sensor

The OPTEX OA-72C is a ceiling mount type infrared sensor for automatic doors. Its stylish design and flexible detection area setting fit to any entrance.The OA-72C has the ability to detect the presence of a person or object within its field of view. Thus, keeping the door open anytime someone is near. The presence timer can be adjusted for 2, 30 or 60 seconds. In addition, snow mode is built-in to add stability in locations where the sensor is exposed to harsh environments.