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Exit Lane Breach Control

The OPTEX Accurance One-Way Traffic Sensor is designed to detect and report the movement of persons the wrong through a secured area. By utilizing its unique Virtual 3-D Technology, the Accurance can be used to improve security in areas where reverse traffic is not allowed. The most common application for this technology is exit lanes in Airport Terminals. When Accurance is used in this application, it will immediately report any movement against the approved flow of traffic. Although not designed to work stand-alone, the output from the Accurance can be used to call a guard, close automated gates or doors and activate CCTV.

Highly Accurate Detection

The R-1001 uses patented Virtual 3-D technology to track persons within its field of view. This technology guarantees 95% accuracy for detection of persons within its field of view.

Wrong-Way Tracking

Can track a high volume of targets simultaneously and ignore all motion in the proper direction. However, if a person attempts to move the wrong way through the coverage area, the R-1001 immediately detects the movement and creates an output.


The R-1001 does not require a separate computer. All processing is built into its controller, which is normally mounted near the camera.


The R-1001 Camera module is very small and inconspicuous. A flush mount version is also available.

Warning and Alarm Zone

When two sensors are used together, an early warning zone can be created that warms intruders and instructs them to retreat. If they continue, the alarm zone will activate, causing additional deterrent measures.

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