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Get complete control of your intercom system with the iVision Plus Connect using your smart phone or mobile station for granting easy access, with or without an internet service connection.

The door station connects wired or wirelessly with a rechargeable built-in battery. Choose to view, monitor, and share with others on a network through any smart phone or tablet, or the iVision Plus Connect mobile station, or from the convenient OPTEX iVision app.

Videos recorded by the iVision Plus Connect can be stored via cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, or with a micro SD card without the need for contracts or monthly fees.


The iVision Plus Connect system is fully expandable to accommodate multiple smartphones, tablets and door stations. Unlock electric strike or mag-lock doors with the IVPC DI interface unit. Selectable chime tones and volume are available. Ideal for office environments, retail stores and other light commercial and residential settings, the iVision Plus Connect is easy to deploy and user friendly, providing users more at the door.

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