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Next Generation Wireless Intercom System With Video

The new iVision+ gives you the ability to not only know when somebody is outside your door, but to view and talk to them from the safety and comfort of any location inside your home or business. The iVision+ wireless intercom package includes a convenient wireless handheld unit with LCD monitor and a wireless doorbell/camera unit with over 330ft. transmission range, line of sight. OPTEX has also taken the peace of mind offered from the previous iVision model and expanded it, now allowing for multiple handheld units, multiple doorbell/camera units and the ability to remotely release electronic door locks through a gateway/chime unit. The iVision+ also integrates with the OPTEX Wireless 2000 (RCTD-20U), allowing the camera on the door unit to open when triggered by the Wireless 2000's sensor unit.


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System Features

Transmission Range Up To 330ft., Line Of Sight
Digital Voice / Image Transmission
Multi-Unit Expandability up to four IVP-HU and two IVP-DU
Snap / Auto Image Recording
Active Browse Function allows user to activate camera before IVP-DU button is pressed (Door Camera Unit must be powered by external source)
Door Release with "Open Door" Button (Additional third party equipment required for door release feature)

IVP-DU Door Unit Features

Adjustable Camera Angle
Battery Operated Capability (Avg. 1yr. battery life, 3x AA batteries not included)
Hardwired Capability (AC/DC, 10-24V)
Auto Day (Color) / Night (IR) Vision
Maximum two units to a system
Fluorescent Push Button
Splash Proof for rain and outdoor conditions

IVP-HU Handheld Unit Features

2.4 inch LCD Monitor
Wall Mountable Charging Cradle with rechargeable battery
Maximum four units to a system
micro-USB port PC connection allows user to view and download images (micro-USB cable not included)

IVP-GU Gateway Unit Features

AC/DC (10~24V) Adaptable
Chime On-Off (silent) Mode
NO/NC selectable output
Integration with Wireless2000
Allows door release button to function on IVP-HU
Up to 2 units in a system

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