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Pro-Swing Elite

Door-mounted Sensor for Swing Doors

The OPTEX Pro-Swing Elite is designed to detect moving or stationary people in the swing path of the door. The OPTEX Pro-Swing Elite stays active even when the door is in motion, providing safety all of the time!

Full-time Presence Detection

The advantage of the door-mounted Pro-Swing Elite is that the presence detection stays on even when the door is in motion. The Pro-Swing Elite can detect a person or object at any point in the doors' swing path, providing complete safety and convenience for swinging doors.

Large and adjustible Detection Area ensures safety

The Pro-Swing Elite has a large detection area which can detect beyond the normal area around the moving part of the door. The sensor creates a layer of awareness around the door to ensure safety.

No-Overhead Safety Sensor Required

Since the Pro-Swing Elite provides a full detection pattern that covers the entire swing of the doors in full open and full close position, there is no need for an overhead safety sensor.

Knowing Act Doors

This system satisfies the requirement for secondary activation sensor. No additional activation sensor required.


The presence detection feature assures a safety signal is present at the door control in the event a person or an object is within the swing-path of an automatic swinging door. When a person or object is detected, the sensor will slow, stop or reverse the door depending upon the situation.


The modern style of the Pro-Swing Elite will blend beautifully for use in any setting.

All Conditions

Variable sensitivity adjustments make this sensor suitable for every application including extreme weather conditions.

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Pro-Swing Elite Wiring Diagrams