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Accurance 3D

High-risk security situations do not leave any margin for error, thus requiring intricate security procedures designed to ensure safety and piece of mind. The Accurance 3D set has been created specifically with this in mind. This system includes a control box (A3001CB) and up to two Time Of Flight Sensors (A3001S). This set combines several security tasks to prevent tailgating and piggy backing and provides secured passage from an open area to a secured area.

Highly Accurate Detection

The Accurance 3D uses Infrared Time-of-Flight Technology to track persons within its field of view.


Accurance 3D requires a direct connection with the access control system in order to operate successfully. In a portal or interlock application, this system scans the area between two access doors to identify the number of individuals present. It uses this information and signals the access control device to allow access if only one person is present or disallow access if more than one person is present. If an unsafe condition is detected (e.g. sensor masking or zero persons present), the Accurance will then signal the access system accordingly.

In general there are two types of systems: two-way and one-way. Two-way systems form the highest level of security, as both directions - in and out - need to be secured. One-way systems are the second highest level of security, as only one direction - in or out - needs to be secured. The preference for either one of the two options depends on the situation at hand. Certainly, with Accurance 3D a broad selection of high-spec. applications, such as data centers, airports, banks, government buildings, 'authorized-only' entrances, stores, and plants(factories) can be secured.


• Anti-tailgating
• Anti-piggyback
• Resistant to bright lights (inc. the sun)
• No dependence on illumination (e.g. 0 lux)
• Connects through inputs and outputs to your existing access system
• Is a standardized set, but its software can be tailored to specific situations
• Ethernet interface (DHCP server) for settings and adjustments
• Incorporates an SSD drive for event recording

Spec. Sheet